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Michael Bhang

Head Analyst

My trading journey starts 2 years ago in late 2020. Drawn to the extremely bullish market nature, I light-heartedly joined the trend in hopes of achieving financial freedom at the age of 18.

My first trading year was hugely successful; I more than doubled my account trading "meme stocks." Pure beginner's luck was enough to make me arrogant and consider trading a gamble.

Of course, the dice are loaded against me with such an attitude. Losses greatly outweighed the profits and worse, more than two-thirds of the initial capital has evaporated.

But I did not give up.

I made up my mind leaving no spaces for gambling and arrogance within myself. I learned and learned and learned to become a better trader since the only thing I can believe in the battleground is myself.

I hold myself to the highest standards with everything I do. A focused vision, steady investing strategy, and commitment to success allow me to embrace the challenges faced throughout my trading journey.

I am a passionate, dedicated learner before being a trader.

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